July 2015
San Giovanni in Croce, Italy

Style: Artistic event
Thinking of art as a source of emotional life is, I think, a requirement. The garden, synonymous with a composite natural wonder, is always a good companion, a harmonious comfort, a desired place. A vertical garden is an answer to the need for the natural, a way to live in a physical interior space, the secret sweetness of a "den"; the answer to the need to bring elements into the scene that we can experience in strict privacy, that have been gathered together in a place where we can discover them only by desiring them: trails and glades, tundras, steppes, Arctic and equatorial forests, which leads us to the vertical garden. After a year of technical research and compositional experience, we thought, just like Giorgio Dellavalle Gardens, to call on the professionals of various disciplines to address the issue from multiple perspectives, with the purpose of completing a vision open to the horizons that we have set for ourselves and that we want to be consciously ours from day one until we make them available as answers, through the practice of our work, to the questions of all. It is from here that the idea of "Pergere Iter ..." (continuing the journey) originated - Contemporary Art in the vertical garden – the first meeting of the company’s new arm, Dellavalle&Arts. We then arrived with humility and determination at the operational decision to take action to learn more. We are confident that this will be the way to achieve our purpose to operate from within a single vision, in our conviction that using the vertical garden to create is a life source for us, to be shared freely with those who want to take on our ideas.
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