DELLAVALLE&ARTS Discover art through nature

A cutting-edge concept. Each of our landscape art and vertical garden concepts is based on a philosophy which for us is natural to and inherent in our approach to the creative process. We want to "see" the future, together with the customer, to take the necessary steps towards the concrete realization of the dream, and it is into this dream that we introduce artistic research: objects and works by contemporary artists, fine antiques or whatever else is consistent with the design and wishes of the client. Art and nature meet in Dellavalle&Arts, a laboratory of ideas, a start-up of innovation, an acceleration engine in the Italian artistic and cultural process. Dellavalle&Arts is a multiplier of emotions, which opens up new opportunities for communication between art and nature.
Free Laboratory

This is the operational area of the creative process. Here the work follows a path that is modelled on the initial concept and developed through successive collective verification phases. Only this demanding artistic commitment provides unique responses, in the logic of the pursuit of perfection. Vertical greenery and stabilised greenery, in “paintings” and walls, are among the proposals that emerge from the art studio, which also introduces art works into green spaces. It is here that the designs for décor are also developed and special designs for prestigious occasions, where you need not only the artist's pure vision but also the ability of the craftsman and designer. A team work that captures the best spirit of research and innovation that Dellavalle lives and breathes.