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In the heart of the Po Valley, by the side the Oglio river which descends from Lake Iseo towards the river Po, the idea for the Dellavalle company was born; an idea that Giorgio Dellavalle has driven forward thanks to his expertise, knowledge of the conventions for green spaces, motivation and pursuit of quality at every step of the design process. Dellavalle Gardens has always operated with perfect harmony between all the components of its business. Central to the objectives for each design is a respect for the client as an individual, rather than as an object of commercial interest. Over the years, this commitment and desire have been rewarded with success. Giorgio Dellavalle’s managerial staff include his sons, Stefano and Matteo, and a nucleus of co-workers who are increasingly specialised and skilled. Today, the drive for innovation has opened up the vision for new interpretations of green space: and so it was that the section of the company dedicated to vertical gardens, requiring cutting-edge artistic and technological skills, came into being. This desire for innovation spawned Dellavalle&Arts, a new branch of the company which offers vertical green space as way of rediscovering nature in art: an expression of artistic and technological know-how par excellence. It is in the history of Dellavalle Gardens that the seeds of its future are to be found. Every day the team opens itself to innovation without ever losing sight of its close connection with nature.

Dellavalle Gardens’ mission is simple and clear: each green space must be absolutely unique and personal. And the reason why the creations of Dellavalle Gardens are personal and unique? Because they reflect the personality and style of their clients as individuals: their passions, their preferences and their practical needs. This is a mission which is motivated by its past, its present and its vision for the future. The garden is art made from nature. The magnificence of the green space is brought together with design and the latest technology to give each client a response which is in line with their expectations. Understanding and assimilating the wishes of our clients in a spirit of collaboration and sharing is our job; the final result, designed to be longlasting, relies on our technical and creative expertise. To this end, our maintenance services go hand-in-hand with our ideas and creations: care and love for green spaces are related to the actions which keep them flawless over time. Vertical gardens are also a part of this mission: vertical green space allows you to feel completely at ease without sacrificing comfort and functionality. Vertical gardens are a new expression of an eco-philosophical concept which combines charm, sustainability and psychological well-being, thanks to an extraordinary technique which opens up new spaces for the present and the future.


General Manager, Landscape Designer
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29 Genuary 1960
San Martino Del Lago
Cremona, Italy


Giorgio Dellavalle has a deep connection with nature: he was born in a village in the plain of Cremona to a traditional family with links to the land. His agricultural engineering studies led to 10 years of professional experience as the manager of a nursery. Taking the important step towards the new experience of being a business owner then followed. Passion, knowledge and technology has led to the foundation of a company in which the pursuit of perfection finds its expression in the attention to both the overall and individual details of each new design and its realisation. A confidence in innovation has brought the company to the opening of our new project, Dellavalle&Arts, which dedicates itself to the green space as a work of art, supported by the latest and most sophisticated technologies.  

Company philosophy and vision

The vision of a company that combines dynamism and cutting-edge technology with the spirituality of nature and the ethic of respect: the philosophy that has guided Giorgio Dellavalle in his personal and professional journey is today transmitted to all the Dellavalle team, and finds its expression in love, feeling and passion. Nature takes the leading role in spectacularly crafted green spaces. The spirit of nature finds new life in our creations, regardless of their size, characteristics and purposes. Silence, reflection and meditation are the starting point from which we offer the client exactly what they want, in every detail; cutting-edge technology and professional expertise are at the service of the ideas.




Managing partner, Hr specialist.

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11 Dicembre 1981
Parma, Italy


Graphic Designer, Landscape Designer.

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05 Gennaio 1990
Asola, Italy

Dellavalle Giardini Catalog _ 2016

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