First Step
To see, to learn, to interpret both the past and the present in all its elements: to absorb the client’s needs and to understand the image of their dream. This is a key phase occurring immediately after our first contact with the client, and steers the creative, technical and design process. It is used for checking the current status of the green space involved, the surrounding area, the various viewpoints, perspectives, architectural features and morphological and climatic features of the zone. It is fundamental to understanding the needs of the client, to getting to know what their idea for their garden is, and their dream of living the green space as a continuation of the house, as an integral part of it.


Second Step
This is a vision of the concept adapted to the actual situation to supply the client with a visualisation of the potential of the location, in terms of space management, utilities and leisure (paths and trails, water and fountains, lighting and security...). On the basis of the survey, the meta-design (i.e. the theoretical design that determines the strategic and creative guidelines) outlines the spaces, identifies guidelines and various functions. The preliminary design shows in graphic form the ideas that have emerged using various techniques: schematic sketches, drawings and sketched floor plans. It is the first tangible step for realising the client’s dream of a park or garden. In this phase, all the garden’s finishing features are chosen: paths and trails, pools and water features, gazebos and arbours, fences, wellness and relaxation areas, vegetable and herb gardens and, of course, art: Dellavalle Garden never neglects suggesting the inclusion of artistic elements in green spaces which are chosen in complete harmony with the style and preferences of the client.


Third Step
Greenery placed within studied artistic design; a careful choice of trees, hedges, shrubs, flower beds and lawns, supported by deep experience and knowledge and showing a respect for nature and for limiting maintenance commitments over time. This is a very important phase accompanying the final design for the proper inclusion of the various species in relation to shapes, colours, perfumes, tastes and textures... All of this achieves a play of densities and planes, perspectives, lights, shadows and backgrounds in the garden. The most suitable choice of species depends upon numerous factors: climate, exposure, architectural and structural elements and, naturally, the needs of the customer with regard to the garden’s primary intended use.


Fourth Step
A visualisation of the future project in every detail. After the botanic analysis has been signed off by the client along with the preliminary design, Dellavalle Gardens can draw up the definitive design, complete in every detail and realised with 3D graphic techniques, layouts, different views and photo editing. In this phase, a lighting plan with lighting points and the automatic irrigation system to best preserve the planting are highlighted and proposed. The design is also completed by a full and definitive Estimated Cost Calculation.


Fifth Step
Sharing our analysis of the overall design and its details with the client. Dellavalle Gardens can create a video presentation of the definitive design, with day and night views of the whole so that the client can make a virtual tour of their future garden and experience all of the elements proposed in the design. It is to the emotions, rather than to words alone, that we entrust the task of transmitting the surprise of the end result to the client, not only on paper but by accompanying them within the scene: an extraordinary experience and a very useful one for understanding and imagining and design’s end result.


Sixth Step
The most technical phase: our focus here is the applicative study of all the works planned during the previous phases of the process; it is the final outcome of the previous phases, expressed in working drawings which comprise the guidance and guarantee of the end result. Each construction, planting and decorative detail is addressed and designed with maximum precision to allow technicians, artisans, builders and specialised workers to execute the design in a workmanlike manner. This phase includes the graphics layouts listed in the details and is subdivided into thematic boards which allow for all the necessary in-depth follow-up of the design.


Seventh Step
A team of skilled workers, led by the Dellavalle team, makes the working design a reality. Our manager and Director of works and the skill and professionalism of our workers, who are an integral part of the company, bring the garden to life in successive and well-synchronised steps, realising the idea and the initial dream.


Eighth Step
This is the planning for the garden’s future beauty, health and perfection. Only an optimal maintenance programme can ensure the smooth functioning of the “natural machine” developed by the design. For the Dellavalle Gardens team, proposing a perfect and appropriate maintenance plan for the garden is a primary and essential duty. Each garden is considered and treated as a living being which changes over the course of the seasons: it is continually growing and evolving and requires appropriate care and attention. The annual maintenance plan proposed to the client is always individual and customised to the needs of the species present, during the different seasons and over time.