Unrivalled elegance
The artistic Italian garden has strictly regular forms. It is the expression of an ancient and prestigious tradition which communicates calm and mental focus. Box hedges, gravel, wide arches, wisteria and jasmine are the ideal setting for modern sculptures in Cor-ten steel with its attractive natural oxidation. The result is a human and spiritual journey full of charm, tranquillity and beauty; it is a succession of images which, like paintings, convey emotions which are the principal source of creative endeavour. The Italian garden is connected, by both its historic and cultural background, with the history of the place itself which was once a monastic courtyard with well-kept orchards and gardens: it is a way to reconnect the past with the future.


The power of Nature
The modern English garden has free, soft and informal shapes. It is an expression of a close relationship with the natural environment communicating relaxation, vitality and dynamism. The environment is rich with a variety of flowers over the course of the seasons, all in synergy and harmony with nature. The result is a place where you sense energy, freshness and serenity. Its stylistic contrast with the Italian garden came from a specific desire to have two different worlds that perfectly relate to the everyday activity carried out by the Dellavalle team here in close contact with nature. The modern garden is also an expression of the desire for a very close relationship with the natural elements that are the foundation upon which contemporary landscape concepts are built.


Creativity, art and technology come together: a design is born
A link with the past whilst looking to the future. The 19th century stable of what was once the monastic courtyard, today houses our management offices, the heart of the business. A bold yet in-keeping architectural re-modelling has changed the former function of this rural environment into what is today the comfortable and sophisticated headquarters where the Dellavalle team develop the artistic design, and fine-tune the technical aspects, timings and operating procedures of each garden creation and maintenance project. Only a few steps away, a new building is the home of innovation: it is here that our vertical gardens are designed and the Dellavalle&Arts team carry out their work. These are the headquarters where the artistic and technological concept for each new vertical garden is developed, perfectly in keeping with both its intended location and the expectations of the client: they are unique works in every respect.


To observe and to imagine
The showroom fills what, once upon a time, was the orangery with life. Here, in this light and airy atmosphere, a special structure houses a selection of vertical gardens created by the Dellavalle&Arts team. Like beautiful and majestic living paintings, these vegetal compositions show a number of the possible artistic interpretations of a vertical green space and demonstrate the artistic and expressive potential of stabilised green spaces. Look at them to see how they leave space for the imagination, to understand how much “secret” technology they hide and to understand new potential avenues for art and culture. This room welcomes you with its light and emotional energy and opens up a new vision of green spaces in both internal and external environments.