Viadana, Italy

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An eclectic international artist who, from a young age, showed a natural inclination for artistic expression, devoting himself to drawing and painting in strict secrecy. His dedication to the use of browns and natural pigments applied with classical and experimental techniques goes back to that period of his youth. He discovered etching at the age of thirteen. At fifteen he turned to sculpture and design. He carried out both technical and humanities studies whilst never forgetting to apply himself to pictorial research. His first solo exhibition was in a private gallery in 1974 in Turin where he presented a selection of his works in oil. For his own personal development he was involved in innovative projects in the field of residential construction in the '80s which culminated in the realisation of his artistic expression through structured interlocking compositions, "sculpture doors” in particular, which used different materials, although woods were his material of preference. Having completed a mature, strong and multifaceted cultural, humanistic and scientific training – in addition to the attainment of a technical degree, he also attended high discipline training courses – he dedicated himself to a solitary search for expression. Over the latter half of the last century, he discreetly approached famous Italian and European artists and critics. Over the years he has agreed to exhibit in galleries and public spaces of the cities of Bari, Berlin, Bologna, Brescia, Brussels, Koper, Florence, Genoa, Gorizia, Lugano, Milan, Monaco, Paris, Rome, Salzburg, St. Paul, Trieste, Udine, Vienna, to name only the most significant events. In the last five years, he has undertaken sponsored projects in Friuli Venezia Giulia, Sicily, Umbria, Slovenia, Croatia, Switzerland, Germany.
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